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Co-working office space trend goes a step further with ‘virtual’ offices

Virtual Office Space

Co-working office spaces have been a hit with work-at-home professionals or self-employed people seeking a productive environment and sense of belonging, but now they are going a step further.

New co-working spaces are opening across Nigeria, following the global trend towards more flexible work arrangements, albeit some years behind the metropolitan trend.

These spaces gave certain types of workers, such as freelancers, the opportunity to go to work at an actual office in a building, instead of from working from home, and share that space with others.

Now, co-working space companies have started leasing “virtual office space” — a step above a PO Box.

Maker & Co’s Business and Trade Director Craig Holland said virtual offices were the co-working space’s latest offering to fill a demand.

“A virtual office is an address that you sign up to that is separate from your home address,” Mr Holland said.

“When you’re undertaking small business as a sole trader or a startup where you just want that separation between your home and the address of your business.”

What is a virtual office space?

A virtual office allows the lessee to use the address of the co-working space for their official business documents and mail.

It also provides the opportunity to use meeting rooms in the co-working office building and attend networking events.

“Worldwide there’s a trend for people to look at work opportunities outside of the normal going-in and being an employee,” Mr. Holland said.

“People will often do that from home, sometimes they’ll come into co-working spaces and other spaces where they can dip their toe in the water of that business world.

“So having a virtual office is the ability to have a central location as your business address and that’s where you’re registered, that’s where people perceive the business is operating from, it gives that professional underline to your business.”

Some of the virtual office spaces in Lagos are:

  1. Regus
  2. Venia Hub
  3. Cube Hub
  4. Sterling Virtual Office